Our Process
We start by working with you to understand your needs and ideal candidate. Next, we utilize our proprietary methods and personal relationships to locate highly qualified candidates that meet your exact needs. We then research the candidate to ensure they have the highest of personal and work ethics. Finally, we get to know them in a relaxed environment. This allows us to find out what is important to them, verify qualifications and ensure they will be a positive fit for your organization.

You are then presented with our Applicant Reports that contain a summary of our findings: the candidates strengths/weakness, skills, interest, personality and most importantly suggestions for long-term retention of the candidate based on our understanding of their motivators.

Our Recruiting Method
We have developed our own proprietary recruiting method. Much like the recipe for Coke, we consider this to be a trade secret. However, we guarantee it will produce results.

Time to Deliver Candidates
Human capital is a company’s most important asset. Finding the perfect employee is critical to any company’s future. As such, we never cut corners. While we strive to complete the process within 30 to 45 days, it can take between 45 to 90 days to find the perfect candidate.

The client is responsible for any cost of travel and any extraordinary expenses.

Our retainer fee is 20% of the candidate’s mid-point salary range, not including benefits. 10% is due up front and the remaining 10% is due upon successful placement of the candidate.

Exclusive Search
First Choice HR shall have the exclusive rights to conduct the candidate search for the exclusive period. If a candidate is found from any other source during this exclusivity period, First Choice HR shall still be entitled to its initial 10% retainer plus all expenses.

Our Guarantee
We stand by our recruits and our proprietary recruiting method. In fact, we are so confident that we will find you the right employee that we offer up to a one year guarantee on all our recruits.* If for any reason within the first year a candidate we recruit for you quits or is fired for cause, and you notify us within one week we will find you a replacement candidate free of charge.

*The guarantee covers a recruit for a specific job. Guarantee is void if the employer is found in violation of any governmental employment regulations, change of employee’s job description, bonus/pay not same or lower than promised, or pay/bonus decrease. For some fields the guarantee is only six months. We match top candidates with top companies, as such we reserve the right to refuse to work with any company we deem unqualified.